1 Gourmet roasted ham with honeyHA18kg120≈3,5kg
    2 Gourmet slow cooked ham smoked with thymeHA19kg 60≈2,5kg
    3 Gourmet roasted turkey breastOD29kg 60 ≈2kg
    4 Gourmet pfeffer salamiSA17kg120≈1,3kg
    5 Gourmet pastramiSP10kg120  ≈2kg

    Distinctive aromatic shades,unique gastronomic experiences.

    An exquisite range of cold cuts, rich in flavors and aromas. Some roasted and others smoked, with touches of spices and herbs, Snack Gourmet will fascinate you! Try them cut into thin slices and create original platters for you and your guests.
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